About TrimFabric

You've come to the right place! We carry the finest, most stylish fabrics any sewing professional (or amateur) can find! How do we do it? We obtain our fabric from the famous “Garment District” in New York City, the pinnacle of haute couture. We also import the finest fabrics European designers have to offer. Here you will find a wide array of fabric that anyone can afford! We have taken a traditional fabric business into the 21st century by offering an extensive selection of fabric to the on-line customer for a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Our gorgeous fabrics, plus trims, are now even easier to obtain, through online ordering. Only TrimFabric.com gives exclusive online access to the latest fashions from the leading fashion houses: Ralph Lauren Polo, DKNY, Jones of New York, Calvin Klein, Ann Taylor, and many others.

The highest-quality and latest styles of fabric and trimmings are awaiting you. Anyone who sews will appreciate the wonderful value of our fabric and trimmings. For the person who appreciates quality or the person who sews, will definitely appreciate a certificate. Fabric and trimmings are very versatile—one needs only drape it over an item (i.e., a table cover to display handmade jewelry for a craft fair, piano, bed, stair banister) to make something old look fresh or something boring look exciting! So anyone can benefit from a certificate! Why not buy one today?

Looking for something more exotic? TrimFabric also imports the finest fabrics European designers have to offer. Our broad array of rich, gorgeous fabrics provides an unparalleled selection from which to choose: delicate crepes…lustrous satins…bold prints…comforting cottons...and more. Due to our extensive selection of fine materials, both trendy and traditional, every client is sure to find fabrics that lend a certain "je ne sais quoi" to their newest designs.

It is no wonder, then, that those who seek the latest, finest fashions for women and men invariably come to TrimFabric, the trusted purveyor of exceptional fabric and trimmings from across the globe.

Our trimmings and fabric provide a fun, fashionable way to increase your wardrobe possibilities. With the abundant selection we can offer you of ready-made fabric and trimmings, we are perfect for the latest craft trend or the fashion designer-to-be. You can gain great satisfaction in developing your own fashion style. With our trimming selection you can easily add matching accents to whatever you create. Come on! Step out in style and start creating those things you haven’t thought of in a while! When you visit TrimFabric you can learn about a new project or fashion tip every week!

Desire both quantity and quality at a good price? TrimFabric carries over 8,000 bolts of fabric and millions of yards of trimming in a huge four-story building in New York. Our storage facility is so large, there is no need to worry about whether your material is in stock. Thus, the material you want is very likely there, ready to ship as soon as you order it. Also, we are continuously expanding our current incredible inventory with unique silks, the richest wools, softest cottons, finest linens....

Because fabrics and trims are our livelihood, we tend to them diligently until you receive them. Our quality inspectors thoroughly check every item in stock to see if meets our high standards. We then store our precious inventory in a smoke-free, climate-controlled environment. The fabrics and trims are not exposed to any odors, fumes, extreme temperatures, or moisture. Our packing and shipping personnel pack each order carefully so that even if the packages are not handled delicately by the shippers, your fabrics will still arrive in perfect condition.

Because we order in volume, we receive our fabrics and trimmings at a discount. Rather than take a bigger profit, we pass our savings onto you in the form of very low prices.

Linen, wool, knits, flannel, polyester, cotton, crepe, prints... Whether your needs are exotic or ordinary, we have the right fabric for you - at the right price too.
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